I can’t believe it’s the end of May. Its not like I spent the whole spring at the lake, but wow. Remember I encouraged everyone to make specific plans back in February and set dates to the plan to make sure you achieved the “bee” things you wanted to do?  I hope you did better than me. I made a plan and while the weather fouled it up some, I just didn’t do all the things I wanted. But the bees did just fine without me. I stressed over the lack of nectar in my area while I heard reports of solid nectar flows in Bixby and Coweta earlier in May. Today, finally,  I smelled the acrid sharp sweetness of excess nectar drying in my hives.  The girls are drawing new comb at a rapid pace. New white comb – it’s a beautiful thing to see.  And then I recall why I like keeping bees.

At our next meeting, Bob Martin will be sharing insights on “BEE-ing Ready for Winter”, followed by a panel Q&A session. While we will obviously pass the mic around and take questions from the floor, it will be quite helpful if we receive questions ahead of time so similar questions can be grouped together. You can send questions ahead of time to info@neoba.org.

Next up on our radar screen is the Tulsa Free Fair in July, and the Tulsa State Fair starting Sept 28th.  If you haven’t signed up to work the booth at one of these events, I highly encourage you to as it is a very rewarding experience. See Missy Sparks for the Free Fair, and Tom Ellis for the State Fair.

The 2017 Tulsa State Fair committee and the 2018 Bee Buzz committee both still have some open slots to fill, so if you would like to be a part in planning these, contact the Caroline Johnson for the Fair or Neil VanDalsem for the Buzz.

Thanks for being a part of our group, and I’ll see you at the next meeting!