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July President’s Message

Darn, darn, and double darn. That’s about all I can say about the condition of my bees. What promised to be a banner year is yet another bust. 24 straight days with no rain in June did not help in the least. I can take solace in knowing that some of my local fellow beekeepers have had a quite successful year.

Since we are not all that far into the summer, it makes my goal to make sure I have the healthiest bees possible for next year. And there is still hope for some fall honey if the weather straightens out and the bees get their act back together. As I write this there is thunder outside and a gentle rain falling. It promises to be as interesting a year as it is a Continue reading

Meeting Reminder: Meeting Time is now 6:30

Just a friendly reminder that our meeting time has been shifted up to 6:30PM. It’s still on the second Monday of every month, which would be today. It’s at Wright Christian Academy near admiral and Garnett. See our events page for more details. See you there!

Monthly Meeting: March 2013

Recap from the NEOBA President:

The March meeting of NEOBA was a big success. There were over 140 people present, and LOTS of guests and first-timers. And there is a lot of information to pass on, so I feel compelled to write a recap. I wish I would do it every month.

Continue reading

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