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May President Message

It has been lots of fun keeping up with goings on in the local beekeeping world on Facebook. There are lots of great swarm pictures. There are also lots of good questions and comments. I wonder sometimes how we knew what was going on without social media. Maybe it was better that we didn’t know some things.

I want to commend Dane Strickland and Neil Van Dalsem for putting on the video quiz at the last meeting. I learned quite a bit from the discussion of the answers.

It almost time for nucs to arrive and there will lots and lots of new beekeepers just getting into their bees. Hopefully most of them have a beekeeping Continue reading

Fun At the Big Bee Buzz

The Big Bee Buzz was great fun. We had four top of the line speakers thanks to Neil Vandalsem! They informed us about how to keep healthy bees, manage a Top Bar Hive, making splits, and so much more.

If you didn’t get enough to eat, it was your own fault! The BBQ luncheon couldn’t be beat, along with Continue reading

Meeting Reminder: Meeting Time is now 6:30

Just a friendly reminder that our meeting time has been shifted up to 6:30PM. It’s still on the second Monday of every month, which would be today. It’s at Wright Christian Academy near admiral and Garnett. See our events page for more details. See you there!

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