“Help, there is a swarm of bees in my backyard!”

Swarm in a tree

(Courtesy of David John)

There is no need to panic, NEOBA is here to help! NEOBA members are a great resource for Tulsa and the communities throughout Northeast Oklahoma, and one of our great services is free swarm collection and removal. Swarms are clusters of bees located out in the open, especially on trees. Most of the beekeepers listed below will travel anywhere around the Tulsa Metro, but they primarily work in the areas specified.

Cut out under roof eave

Example of cut out (Courtesy of Lloyd Ziegler)

If the bees have already moved in and have built into or onto a structure, we would call that a “cut out” and only a few beekeepers will do that. Keep in mind that there is generally a charge for cut outs since it requires more than just collecting bees. If you need cut out services, be sure to pick someone from the list who performs cut outs.

Find a swarm collector near you by entering your zip code below. Please ONLY use the phone numbers provided by this search to call for swarm collection. If you have other comments or questions, please use our contact form.

The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture also has a list of swarm collectors around the state.