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Musings of the President

Langstroth, Warre, Topbar, longlang, Layen – does the type of equipment really matter? I got a call from a lady whose son was keeping bees in a Slovakian style hive his uncle built for him and he was having a blast!  The colony was growing leaps and bounds and he said he has realized there are different buzzes the bees make depending on what is going on.  This is exciting to me because I know those sounds too! I have learned to listen and hear the buzzing in the hive as I inspect, to notice the tone and intensity.  Those same cues tell me Continue reading

Musings of the President

I can’t believe it’s the end of May. Its not like I spent the whole spring at the lake, but wow. Remember I encouraged everyone to make specific plans back in February and set dates to the plan to make sure you achieved the “bee” things you wanted to do?  I hope you did better than me. I made a plan and while the weather fouled it up some, I just didn’t do all the things I wanted. But the bees did just fine without me. I stressed over the lack of nectar in my area while I heard reports of solid nectar flows in Bixby and Coweta earlier in May. Today, finally,  I smelled Continue reading

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