What is NEOBA?

NEOBA (Northeast Oklahoma Beekeepers Association) is simply a group of beekeepers that comes together to promote beekeeping to the general public and support fellow beekeepers around our region. NEOBA pursues its educational mission by giving local presentations to schools and civic groups, hosting beekeeper classes, and organizing our annual Big Bee Buzz conference. The Big Bee Buzz is the only major conference for beekeepers in our area and features several nationally recognized speakers. Past speakers have included, Dr. Dewey Caron, Dr. Jim Tew, Kim Flottum, Jerry Hayes, and many others. The “Buzz” is often the only opportunity for local beekeepers to hear presentations of this caliber.

Our series of classes, “Starting Right With Bees,” occurs twice a year, once during the fall and then late winter off-season, and graduates over 150 new beekeepers every year. With over 16 hours of class and workshop time, and covering everything from bee biology to beekeeping principles to hive construction, these classes offer the most comprehensive training available anywhere. Our curriculum and and instructors have been used by the Oklahoma National Guard to help prepare agricultural development teams for deployment to Afghanistan.

NEOBA doesn’t have an office, but we do meet on the second Monday of every month at 6:30PM at Wright Christian Academy. We always have interesting speakers and topics at the meetings, plus our members represent a vast depth of information on beekeeping. The public is welcome, so come by and check us out and learn something new about bees. For more information or to get in touch with us online, go to our contact page. For a complete list of upcoming meetings, conferences, and classes, please see our events page.

Who is NEOBA?

We are a non-profit organization and our current list of officers and board of directors includes:

  • President: Dane Strickland
  • Vice President: Cary Brewer
  • Secretary: Caroline Johnson
  • Treasurer: Alan Larson
  • Chairman of the Board: Bob Kashwer
  • Board Members:
    Cara Hathaway
    Helen Hickey
    Bob Martin
    Kristie Howes
    Mike Landry
    Elaine Chung
    David Merrill

Organization Rules

Club by laws can be downloaded using the link below: